Life at 3:21

Now there is nothing to do and I don’t feel like sleeping or not getting the sleep I should have. I have this little bit of insomnia since a time I don’t remember. But it never stays like this, it goes away and then comes back. When its gone, I sleep for 6-7 hours and as it comes back it make me awake 20 hours. Insomnia is bad but sleeping is also worse…it takes too much time out of your life. I came back from work today(it’s still not morning for me) early because I slept for 3 hours last night. But it was only a reason, nothing more than that. I came back because I need to watch a lot of movies I continuously download. I watched “No Country for old man”. No old man should watch it. No child either. It talks on the subject of chance and fate. How much true is it that we get our chance to do something good and we loose it and when we think we should do some good our fate screws everything up. Now the question is what should take more precedence – looking for a chance or waiting for our fate? But then whatever you do other one will surely look for its share in it. What an theory? Now on theories, more specifically science – I happen to read an article on importance of mimicry in marketing and understanding human psychology. It happens to say that healthy mimicking of someone make him fall for the actor. It actually increases goodwill among them rather than any sort of ego-clashing. And how true it is, as I think of so many of my friends who are so famous among us are actually good mimickers. Now it is just not within known community rather strangers get along quickly with them who can commandingly put their thoughts with little bit of sarcasm and intuitive mimicry. Well so many things are being researched upon. Apart from reading and watching, I did something which I never thought of doing any time – I wrote a testimonial to her. It was very original and short. I still have 1 hour 15 minutes to sunlight. I think I should close my eyes and try to think about Jennifer Katherine Gates. I know it is hard to sleep thinking about her but then I don’t have any beautiful thing to think about. Oh yes I can do one thing I can count the tick-tock-tick of my wall clock. I am sure I will be bored enough to sleep doing that.
Good night.

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References – You Remind Me of Me

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